Search the Property Agent Checker

Search the Property Agent Checker

Redress schemes

Agents must join a redress scheme if they are an estate agent dealing with residential properties in the UK or a letting agent or property manager in England or Wales. If a customer has a complaint about their service that cannot be resolved, they can complain to the scheme.

Protecting clients' money

Agents must join a client money protection scheme if they are a letting or property management agent in the private rented sector in England and hold clients’ money.  These schemes make sure landlords and tenants are compensated if the agent cannot repay their money, for example if going into administration.

About the Property Agent Checker

The information is provided by the schemes to help consumers and enforcement bodies: 

  • Check: whether an agent is correctly registered as required above
  • Find: agents that are correctly registered, searching by town or postcode

The information is not verified by NTSELAT and the checker is not an endorsement or recommendation of the service offered by any agent. Searches are limited to 100 results, to prevent unauthorised use. 

Please note
The information provided by agents to each scheme may be inconsistent. We are working to standardise the information collected and reconcile the differences where they arise, but the following are examples of issues you may expect to enounter:

  • Addresses: Agents may provide their branch address in one case and their registered office address in another.  If you can see only one registration for an agent at a particular location, please try searching by name to see if they have a second registration at a different address.
  • Names: Agents may provide their Trading Name ("Alex's Estate Agents") in one case and their Legal Name ("ABC Ltd") in another.  We have addressed this by showing all of the names against each entry, all of which can be searched.
  • Multiple Businesses: Agents may use a single Trading Name (eg "Classics") for several separate companies (e.g. "Classic Estate Agents Ltd" | "Classic Letting Agents Ltd" | "Classic Property Management Ltd") each of which may have different owners.  We have attempted to associate these related businesses under a single listing for ease of use, but this has not been verified.  If in doubt, please verifiy the information directly with the agent.

False membership claims or agent not listed?
If you believe that an agent is wrongly claiming to be registered, or if you are searching for an agent that is not listed here please contact The National Trading Standards Estate & Letting Agency Team.

Complaint about an agent?
The team does not give individual advice to consumers or businesses, or mediate in individual complaints made against a business. Please contact the relevant scheme, using the links on the page for that agent. If you need advice, please contact:

Up to date?
The entry for each agent shows the date and time when it was last updated by the scheme provider (usually overnight), but this may sometimes be subject to delays for technical or other reasons. If in doubt, please confirm an agent's current membership directly with the provider, using the links on their business page within this site.

We welcome any feedback about the service. Please contact  Thank you